In the 21st Century there are answers everywhere..... But what are your questions?

Remember....Research is a process based on the inquiry of an informational problem.  So you need to WANT to know something new, create new knowledge about something you are interested in. So start thinking about the "so what" of a topic.... Like "So what if Dolphins beach themselves in Florida?" or "So what if assisted suicide is legalized?"

For More Information about how to create a good question, check out Developing a Research Question

  1. Research is really about answering a big question through the answers to smaller questions.  Use this Google Doc   Brainstorming Questions to help you find the big question
  2. Once you have your big question, your "So What?"  what are smaller questions that once answered will help you answer  the  big question.
  • Who decides if the patient will never recover?
  • What happens if the diagnosis is incorrect?
  • Is it the patient's mental or physical state the criteria for legalized assisted suicide?


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