Authoritative sources give you credibility.  How do you know if a website is credible?  Check: 

Citing Sources - Easy Bib 

 Create an MLA 8 Citation 
For every source you use record the following.
The author’s name
The title of the article or page
The title of the website
*The name of the publisher
The date the page or site was published
*The URL
On the publisher:
Only include the name of the publisher when it differs from the name of the website.

The Kingswood Library Media Center has many databases that have authoritative credible sources, you might want to use these to start your exploration.

OK, Are you ready to start researching??? You will use the Note Taking Template  to record your answers to your questions.  Each question has it's own  Note Taking sheet.  Be sure you first "make a copy" and then rename it with your name and Note Sheet #1, #2,  etc.


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